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We do not "Waist" anything here with The RollerSizeR. If your RollerSizeR® needs to be refurbished because you have used it so much, we commend you! Mail it to c/o Y Stroll Fit, L.L.C  at 11301 Bonita Beach Rd #22 Bonita Springs, Fl 34135. Yes you have to pay for shipping and handling but we have to keep the U.S. Postal Service in biz!  Even if the dog gets to it, we will exchange that torn up, used and abused original RollerSizeR you bought at a fraction of the the full price. Just keep on using it. 

  • Manufacturer: Y STROLL FIT, L.L.C.


Price: $19.95
3 or more: $12.50 each
6 or more: $10.00 each
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