STROLLERCIZE®  Master Certification (Spoke 1 to 10)
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Spoke 1 to 10.  This is the Strollercize® Wheel of Knowledge "Total Wheel". Preparing To Push® (Pre-natal), Strollercize® Mommy Bootie Camp (Post-natal), Grounded (Indoor or Parked Outdoor Class), A Fit Mom (Without Stroller), Savvy Sales and Biz! Graduates will receive class equipment for six and continued support with a link to your Website on our Sizer News and on the Strollercize Website.  WIth your registration, you will be sent a "Get To Know You" form to help us prepare your Wheel of Knowledge experience. Make sure to register ($35.00) when purchasing your course. 

  • Manufacturer: Y STROLL FIT, L.L.C.

STROLLERCIZE® Master Certification (Spoke 1 to 10)

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